Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Name for Sale?

Did you see the report of the woman who sold her name on Ebay? A casino bought her name, which she is legally changing to goldenpalace.com. Getting funds to send her children to a golf school was apparently a primary motivation.

While embracing the freedom that lets this woman change her name, I sometimes wonder if there is anything in America NOT for sale. The "selling" of names now seems somehow commonplace. Stadiums and theatres are named for corporate owners or sponsors. Even colleges change their names for donors (well, at least one of my alma maters did!). It's not just names, either. Someone was selling tattoo space on his or her body!

This "everything for sale" mentality definitely makes me shake my head. I find it very curious that anyone would give up their individual appellation for some corporation's . Corporate monikers have robbed many sites of names more meaningful to their communities. Events are often now known by the sponsor's names. We're bombarded with advertisements in those video monitors that keep popping up everywhere. The logos that are on most items we purchase make us walking advertisements. I wonder why we don't draw more of a line. It's hard to believe that we are so seduced as to sell things, such as names, that are more than mere possessions.

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