Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Path of Love (With a New Note)

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How to address the very ugly political climate is much on my mind these days.  J. C. Wolfe has some cool writing prompts, and some of the best ones are about love and peace.  One was -  What if social tolerance were taught in schools?  Very interesting idea - maybe not so easily implemented, but interesting.  It certainly is clear we need to address the bigotry floating around and try to stem it.  Probably more of a topic for a meaty article, but I'll leave that for others.  However, since at this point I have more questions than answers, thinking about that question did lead to a poem:

The Path of Love

How do we adhere to the Path of Love?
And what signals or signposts would direct
Those who have drifted from the path,
Calling them instead to a procession toward true community?

Where is the Spirit – Divine Mediation –
Our Greater Selves – or however one thinks of a Positive Force
That can enable our coming together
And propel us with hope along a sometimes rugged path?

How do we do what we must
For the human family to follow the Path of Love?
Since that is the path we must follow
For humanity to thrive, fully and whole

Must Note:

Isn't it clear in the wake of the Orlando shootings, and now in wake of the shooting of UK MP Jo Cox that we must turn away from the hatred and bigotry? The Guardian has an excellent editorial concerning the murder of MP Cox and the need to turn away from divisive politics.   To quote MP Cox:  " ... we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”   And from The Guardian's editorial"But their brand of angry blame-mongering could very well serve to convince particular individuals – especially those who are already close to the edge – that some people are less than human, and thus fair game for attack."  THAT is what is so concerning about this hateful rhetoric both in Europe and here in the U. S..  THAT is why we need to get back to The Path of Love!


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