Monday, June 6, 2016

Overreach indeed

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This is very concerning...

The Gov. of New York just signed an Executive Order blacklisting those involved with BDS against Israel in support of Palestinian rights.  Whatever position one holds on the issue it should be evident that such an order violates such things we supposedly uphold in this country; things such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association.  The government should NOT be blacklisting nor punishing folks for their views. Note Trevor Timm's tweet in the article. And advocating a boycott is indeed a tradition and should be protected. Folks should be able to spend or NOT SPEND to support businesses or causes they believe in and to advocate for the same.

BDS is really seemingly under attack on many fronts.  Professor Steven Salaita made a point on a C-Span presentation that the government is likely to seek to punish those who criticize its interests and the BDS/Palestinian Rights seem to be a real target.  Shouldn't this concern ALL of us?  Wasn't the First Amendment designed to protect AGAINST these sort of abuses?  

And a side note: have you noticed the preponderance of "executive orders" both at the national and now state levels (maybe even local, too, if anyone has been checking...)?  There may be problems with our elected reps, but this sort of executive fiat seems to be setting a possibly VERY dangerous trend.  We should be aware and oppose policies. laws, and "e. o.'s" that violate Constitutional rights.

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