Saturday, November 28, 2015

Peace Sign...

I was wondering just what to blog about next when I came across an article in The Guardian about the designer of the peace sign.  He was Gerald Holtom and the design was first used in an antinuclear march in 1958.  He never copyrighted nor profited financially from the design.  According to the article, "he wanted the design to be freely available to any group who fought the same cause."  There's a link to Mr. Holtom's Wikipedia page  given as well.

Some folks or groups have mixed feelings about the sign it seems.  But I like it.  It's simple which does a lot to makes it the iconic symbol it has become.  It also lends itself well to being "dressed up", as in the cosmically decorated one above.  It has power to remind us of what we all should wish, hope, and pray for.

So thank you, Mr. Holtom for your contribution.  May you Rest in Peace, of course, but keep praying for Peace here on Earth; we need all the good vibes we can get!


  1. I always loved the peace sign. Thank you for giving us a history of its origin

    1. Hi there Nancy! Thanks so much for reading and actually leaving a comment. You've made my day :-)

      Hope all's well with you and your fam. We'll all have to try to get together sometime, for sure.


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