Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Making Peace is Like...

...a duet for two pianos and two pianists.
Think about it: 
  • In Tune -- obviously both pianos need to be tuned and in tune with each other; both parties to a conflict must get on the same page and want to work for peace
  • Safeguards --  both pianos must be kept safe, free from things such as theft and vandalism - and of course both pianists must be kept healthy and safe ahead of the performance; both parties to a conflict must foster an atmosphere that will support talk instead of more violence
  • Homework -- the pianists must practice the duet, practicing their individual parts and also practicing together; both parties to a conflict must commit to doing the work of discussing and laying the groundwork for peace
  • Listening -- the pianists must listen to each other in order to coordinate their music (hey, didn't Arlo Guthrie say as much in one of his PBS shows?); both parties to a conflict must listen to each other's concerns and priorities as the details of an agreement are worked out
  • Harmony  -- the performance might seem effortless, but it is the hard work of preparation which pays off in delighting the audience; the achievement of a peace agreement is certainly also the result of hard work and preparation, and pays off in a more harmonious reality for both parties
 Let's begin hoping that leaders take peacemaking - and music - lessons.  With the U.S. saying it will send special forces personnel to Syria; the continued fighting in the Middle East and some other places, I think we'd ALL do well to work for peace. Are you REALLY listening, world leaders?  Get with the program!

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