Saturday, August 29, 2015

What's Happening in Canada???

Anyone paying attention to attacks on civil liberties around??? It's happening here and in other countries as well.  Some latest skirmishes have been up in Canada.

It's been covered that Canada passed a measure hostile to privacy - and dissent.  And it's not without challengers!

But recently, as the Canadian election season unfolds, there are two items of note.

One, a flap over the Margaret Atwood "hair" article.  The article was "disappeared" then reappeared - with some sentences missing.  Some online versions only show the "censored" version, but there is a full cached version here.  It really is a good read. Be sure not to miss the last four paragraphs!

Two, a scientist was actually put on leave for writing and performing an anti-Harper protest song.   The video is viewable at the article.  It's worth watching.  It's spirited and I find protest music quite refreshing in today's climate!

Are our eyes open to see what it going on?  Isn't it becoming clear that dissent is being squashed in many ways, large and small?  Doesn't that concern us?  Protest and dissent are supposedly cherished freedoms.  Citizens shouldn't be punished for speaking their minds!!!

In an article about the Ramos/Trump press conference flap, Glenn Greenwald wrote:  "Ultimately, demands for “neutrality” and “objectivity” are little more than rules designed to shield those with the greatest power from meaningful challenge." (you can read the article here)  Isn't that what journalists and citizens are SUPPOSED to do?  Isn't that WHY we have such things as Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Assembly?  What kind of governments and societies are taking shape if such challenges are quashed?

It's time that, with open eyes, we stand together to oppose assaults on protest, dissent, and our civil liberties.  We must do that if we want a better future for ourselves, our families and future generations.

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