Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't Be Shy!

I just saw I had quite a few page views recently.  But no comments??? Don't be shy! I don't bite - much :-)

It would be great for me to hear a bit from you - to let me know if you like the posts, find this valuable, have things to say, or debate... almost anything.  I do put some effort into the posts, so knowing they might be of even some value would mean so much.  Hearing from any of you and the view from your place would be valuable, too! So - let me let me hear from you. Please.  Pretty please?

Been a bit discouraged, but have tried to hang in. And if you visit my other blog - Daisies and Diamonds (there's a link on the right) you can read my poem about the New Horizons mission to Pluto (who has shown his heart!).  Yes, as are so many around this globe I've been very fascinated.  That very recent backlit shot with the aura is simply stunning. And my parting shot for now:

"Yes, Pluto should be a Planet again, and always will be in my heart, regardless!!! "


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