Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Musical Losses...

How sad that B. B. King has died.  He was 89 and certainly had a great life and career.  Still, it's a great loss for all music lovers.  

I didn't get to post about Ben E. King's death some days ago (in NJ no less), but that was also very sad.  How can you not love "Stand By Me?"

NPR reported on B. B. King's passing just a short time ago.  Here is the article memorializing  Ben E. King. 

I guess the very best way to memorialize these great musicians is to keep their music alive.


a video of The Thrill is Gone - B. B. King

a video of Stand By Me - Ben E. King singing

and for the "heck" of it:  video of Stand By Me - John Lennon covering

These three music men are certainly greatly missed.  May they rest in peace and keep the music going in the next world.

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