Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Unity Word Cloud

Something both verbal and visual for you...

Remember:  "Divided = Conquered, But United = Empowered!"


  1. Well, I seem to be having to try again, but no sweat.

    Was just trying to state that I thought that up there was pretty neat / cool / interesting / food for thought -- andnow I hope this posts.

    1. Hi Michael - I'm guessing this is M. I. H. from the google boards...

      thanks for your nice comment. And don't worry about editing. I don't think we can in blogger here unless I go back to moderation and edit a comment before I let it get published or something. I did a quick check on the forums and there was some complicated thing someone mentioned, but it seemed like a lot of trouble. Anyway, don't sweat the small stuff :-)

      And thanks for the link to your forums. I"m impressed. I bookarked it and will have to check it out a bit more as there seems to be a LOT there. The forums seem pretty inviting as those are topics I have lots of interest in.

      And be sure to come back here anytime!!!


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