Monday, August 11, 2014

We MUST Find Peace

Hello to anyone reading this.  It can be so overwhelming just trying to keep up with all the trouble spots now active around the world.  So frustrating that we're still fighting with each other.  So sad to read about even some of the loss of lives and destruction of homes and vital resources.  We humans MUST find a better way.  We MUST.  The future of our planet depends on it.

We must do what we can to call for peace, act for peace, believe in peace, and pray for peace.

Since I'm Episcopalian, I thought I might share some of the Episcopal Church's prayers for peace.  Prayers 4 and 5 on the page are quite good, as is Prayer 6, which you have to scroll down to read in its entirety.

Whatever anyone's beliefs, spiritually or otherwise, I hope (and pray) that all will see the necessity for respecting our common humanity and stopping the madness of violence and war.


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