Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Continuing to Follow Events in Ferguson

It's hard to completely put the events unfolding in Ferguson, MO out of my mind.  Of course, I'm very concerned with the effects of the police/highway patrol/National Guard response to the protesters, especially the lack of respect shown for Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of the Press.

Several journalists have been jailed - just for doing their jobs.  You can read the vivid account of the experience of Ryan Deveraux a reporter for The Intercept.  There is also a page that is keeping track of journalists arrested in Ferguson. 

Marcy Wheeler has written a great article on the op-ed article of Attorney Gen. Holder.

In the comments in the Intercept article you'll see I posted a poem:

On Ferguson

Unfolding, streaming before the nation, the world

The choking fog of tear gas

         revealing the shamelessness of arrogance

The blaring shrieks of sound canons

         seeking to drown the voices raised in indignation

The sobering display of armored force prowling the streets

mocking such ideals as free assembly and free press

The continuing disrespect shown

         by those who are supposed to protect and serve (not profile)

The burning wound of a mother’s anguish

which cannot so easily be anesthetized

It stays raw, demanding our attention

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