Saturday, July 12, 2014

How Low?

In case you missed this...

The AP found in e-mails obtained by a FOIA request, that our U. S. NSA and intelligence apparatus had notice of the destruction of hard drives of The Guardian which held Snowden files - and celebrated the news! Remember that at the time of the revelation, the White House was distancing itself from the fray.

The Guardian story on this is here.  There is also a fine post on this at The Intercept, including reaction to other recent Intercept stories.

Every time I think the spooks can't descend any further, they seem to hit a new low.  How do we counter the mentality exhibited by their smug arrogance? Suppose we make them all write the First Amendment, by hand, 100  - no, that's not enough - 1,000 times.  Might it then sink into their minds somehow?  What will it take to get them to start respecting our civil liberties?

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