Friday, July 25, 2014


I can't help but send my thoughts and prayers to the people of Gaza during this most horrific invasion.  The story of a shelter being bombed as reported by The Guardian is just one of the tragedies of this crisis.  They also have a "live blog" detailing current developments as they come in.

Everyone should come together to insist that there be a peaceful solution.  And that there will be some relief for the Palestinians who have so few options.

Mirroring a social media campaign (nope, I'm not on Twitter or facebook) -- I call on both sides to refuse to be enemies.  Instead, reject violence and embrace common humanity.

Praying for peace...


I just recently posted the following poem at The Intercept comments:

To the people of Gaza -
People walking, but where will they go?
People crying, but who will hear?
Families torn apart, but who will help heal?
Homes destroyed, lives upended, will there be any hope?
May our ears be open to hear and our hearts be softened to care.

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