Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Great Ruling

I'm somewhat buoyed by the ruling today by Federal Judge Richard Leon.  In it he says the bulk collection of phone record metadata by the NSA is more than likely unconstitutional - a violation of the 4th Amendment!

Here is a link to The Guardian article on this important story.  Judge Leon describes the technology involved as "almost-Orwellian."  He also expressed doubts about the efficacy of such a program.

Edward Snowden hailed the decision (see here), as have some in Congress and spokespeople for civil liberties groups. Add me to the list!  This is an important first step in regaining some sanity in to privacy practices.

But that's what it is, of course, a first step.  This case and others must work their way through the courts.  We, in the meantime, must continue to be vigilant, let them know we are still watching, and let them know we are looking for meaningful action on this.

Still today, hats off to a courageous Federal Judge.  God bless you and protect you. 

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