Friday, December 27, 2013

An Open Letter to Federal Judge William Pauley III

There are hardly words to express how appalling I find your ruling that NSA bulk spying is legal and constitutional.

I'm tempted to ask if you've been living in a cave.  If you've read anything about the NSA spying revelations from documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, you should have plainly seen that these programs are not about anti-terrorism, but about control and economics.  A private citizen doing what they've been doing would probably be accused of stalking, at the very least.

When you took office, did you not swear to defend our Constitution?  It seems that now you're intent on shredding it.  You seem to be disdainful of privacy.  Privacy is what makes our society and our democracy work.  It is vital for humans, for citizens! I think you've forgotten that you're supposed to serve us - "We, the People" - remember?

I, for one, am furious that the NSA is doing this.  I think of all of those tax dollars spent on spying when there are so many better uses for them.  I am furious that we are all considered targets - with no probable cause.  And I am furious that we're not all marching in the streets; don't people see through that "anti-terrorism" propaganda?

I hope that groups and individuals will stay strong and on the case.  We must let everyone know we are not in the least happy with what has been done in secret in our names. Shame on you for not standing up for the privacy rights of ordinary citizens; something even the U. N. is beginning to recognize.  Shame on you for buying NSA propaganda.  And shame on you for not standing up for our Constitution and laws.

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