Sunday, June 16, 2013

Protests in Turkey

I'm really appalled that the Prime Minister of Turkey used riot police to clear their famous square of protesters.  Things like this just seem to happen way too much all over the world.  Yes, here in the U. S., too.  They certainly took lots of pains to throttle the Occupy Movement.  I guess it's still around, but it's certainly getting no notice.

Why do those in power feel they have to do this.? Do they forget that they SHOULD be accountable to the people, not the other way around?  Is the lure of power so strong that they would do ANYTHING to hold on to it?  Physical force is probably the worst - as Civil Rights protesters, Suffragists, and labor organizers could probably attest.  But it can be more subtle, too.  I remember when Occupy Philly was camping in the one spot, the news media seemed to be all to happy to point out how much this was costing the city (police overtime, cleaning, etc.).

I hope the brave people of Turkey stand firm, make their voices heard, and get real results to their petitions!

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