Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday to Edward Snowden

Hello there!

Just saw that yesterday was the 30th birthday of whistleblower Edward Snowden.  Hope that you had a good one under the circumstances, Edward, and that you are and continue to remain, safe!

Saw the birthday blurb in the latest Glenn Greenwald piece at The Guardian site

This is a good read as to the important issues involved.  The comments are usually pretty good, too.  Pay attention to those who mention that stifling of dissent is probably at least one cause behind all this suspicionless snooping and warrantless wiretapping.

You can also read the Q and A Snowden did at the Guardian's site.  I read it a few days ago and was pretty stunned.  Here's why: 

Back in February (before any of us had heard of Snowden), I wrote a poem, the first I'd composed in a while.  When I read his response to the second part of the first question - what did he say----- "Truth is coming..."  THAT WAS THE TITLE OF MY POEM !!!  So here's the poem - I hope somehow Snowden gets to read it:

Truth is Coming (Truth Chant)

Truth is coming
Truth is on the horizon

Truth is coming
Truth must be our guide
Its light chasing the shadows from our path

Truth is coming
Truth must be our fortress
Its strength forming our pillar of support

Truth is coming
Truth always must be heard
Its voice piercing the static of oft-competing lies

Truth is coming
Truth must not be denied
Its pure simplicity finding a way to be openly revealed
Truth is on the horizon
Truth is coming

A neat (I think) aside:  The fortress/strength stanza was inspired by Rep. John Lewis. Shortly after I finished the first version of the poem, I was reviewing his BookTV appearance and at one point he said: "Nothing is stronger than the Truth!"  Well, I had to add a stanza after that!

BTW, I see I have been getting some readers - or page views anyway.  Hope some of you leave some comments sometime; it would be nice to actually hear from folks - it would make it less like speaking to an empty hall!

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