Saturday, June 16, 2012

Whoops, NBC (Updated by a Memory)

What were you thinking, NBC?

What indeed were you thinking when you made that promo for your upcoming show, "Animal Practice?" 

When I noticed the image at the end - I couldn't believe my eyes.  The next time I saw it I still could barely believe what I was seeing. After seeing again, though, I was just dumbfounded and dismayed at that final image.  WHY would you have that dark face with the conspicuous white teeth - whether it's chimp or human (it seems to be a graphic image, not live) - above the sign with the show's title.

It immediately called to mind racist mages of African-Americans from years past.  It did not give me a good feeling.

Folks, it's 2012.  We need to respect each other, not be insensitive.  Which is what that final image is, intentional of not.  NBC, I hope you change the promo for this show; it definitely needs a remake.


Years later now, when I wanted to highlight this as a related post in a newer post, I remembered what happened about the use of the said monkey (chimp, whatever...) which promoted an NBC show... During that Olympics, right after a gold medal performance by Gabrielle Douglas and a commentary by Bob Costas saluting her, the chimp, monkey  ---- whatever-- appeared next in a promo.  Well, there was an outcry about that as I remember.  And rightly so.  I think NBC tried to be a bit more careful after that, at least in some things.

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