Thursday, June 28, 2012


I recently wrote the Sec. of  Education about getting a system of free colleges.  That was my Mother's dream for her students.  Her college (Glassboro State Normal School) was free then (1928 - 1930); otherwise her family probably couldn't have afforded tuition.

Today, I finally got to my mailbox after a few days absence and found there was a reply.  Not from the Sec. (oh, well), but from a director in their Federal Student Aid "division".  Although I will give props that this director at least had read my letter and knew the gist of it, I was still dismayed by the answer.  The director basically said this would take an act of Congress.

Well, d'oh?  Call me a bit naive, but shouldn't the Department of Ed be advocating for STUDENTS?  Has there been any thought to proposing or even advocating for such legislation?

So I thought one option for me to do would be to start a petition at

Someone started one already!  So far only two signers.  I KNOW we can get more!

For what it may be worth, please visit and sign the petition:

Of course thank you in advdance!

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