Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Problems for Protesters at RNC

I've gotten some reports that protesters were treated very harshly at the RNC. There were reports that police raided preparation areas, that they infiltrated at least one group (ok, not the best group of the lot, but still...) . Journalists were also jailed. Some who would want to document the protest and any ill treatment were among those arrested. Some are facing felony charges. The ACLU is protesting this treatment. Read their press release.

I'm very concerned about these police tactics and the fact that protesters have to face such problems. It's hard enough when the media hardly mentions these protests and the decision makers are so insulated from them!

PLEASE let more people know about these abuses and that we expect our civil liberties to be respected. Also, write or e-mail the Mayor of St. Paul, and any media outlets that come to mind.

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