Thursday, August 28, 2008

Disrespect of Civil Liberties

We can never stop being vigilant in defending our civil liberties. During the just-ended Democratic Convention, a reporter for ABC News was arrested while working on an investigation. Protesters have also been subjected to poor treatment. You can read a brief report here.

I was understandably appalled and have been e-mailing my sentiments. I e-mailed the Mayor of Denver and the Democratic Party. I also e-mailed the NBC Nightly News to ask they cover this.

I hope that we Americans stand up and say "No More!" to such disrespect of our freedoms of speech, protest, and press. We are supposedly a free, not a totalitarian society. We need to fight hard to keep it that way.

I think that for too many Americans such freedoms are just abstract ideas. People are so worried about other things, like the economy. But these freedoms won't be so abstract if your own personal expression is next in the line of attack. We need everyone to make sure it does not get to that point.

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