Saturday, July 2, 2005

Blogging is Subversive?

Wow- a three-fer today.

I was just browsing through some blogs tonight and came across an item in one referencing something I'd just vaguely heard about.

In China, they are now requiring that all blogs be registered (though apparently, this wasn't easy to do) - one requirement of which is the removal of links not approved by the Chinese government (this even includes their friends' websites!) Apparently blogspot blogs are being blocked from use - as well as those of some other providers. Also, Microsoft is censoring text used by Chinese bloggers - words such as "democracy" or "human rights" are not to be used (Yahoo! and Google have been censoring as well). You can read about some developments here .

As a blogger myself, and a firm believer in free speech, I am very troubled by such developments. We can only imagine what it feels like to have your free expression controlled or totally blocked. We had also better be concerned that in current repressive atmosphere which has so little regard for civil liberties that this does not happen here!

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