Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Education Is...

Greetings out there!  Again, I do hope that there are actual readers lurking, so don't be shy.  I would love to hear from you!

So you'll notice the topic of this post is "Education."  That is something I'm passionate about as a retired educator and daughter of an educator and a strong educational supporter.  So of course I was stunned when someone tweeted an article on how many GOP'ers now consider colleges "bad for America."  Although the author engages in some speculation about the reasoning behind this trend, I just shake my head.  How could ANYONE not support education? I know how much I value my education, how much my Mom valued hers, and how my Dad valued the education he did have and sometimes wished he'd had more.  He certainly always valued learning. He often told me: ' Once you get it in your head, they can't take it out!" We should all realize what a real treasure education is.

So time to blog about education.  But surprisingly, the bulk of this post is not taking the form I'd expected.  It turns out I will be presenting a new poem.  So I hope you enjoy and maybe even find it enlightening or stimulating.

Education Is...

Education is priceless
But yours has been paid for by early advocates of free public schools
By those who resisted norms and regulations
Restricting or outlawing the education of enslaved Americans
By those who sought to open educational pathways
Where women and girls had been excluded

Education is a gift
But yours must be unwrapped
By your study and synthesis
By your questions and analysis
By your search for contexts and meanings

Education is more than simple recall of facts
For yours should include
Learning and study skills
Inquiry and research skills
Development of the habit of thinking critically
Learning when and how your knowledge can be applied

Education is transfomative
Yours should prepare you
But also challenge and inspire you
Open worlds before you
Lift you and equip you to lift others

Education should be a right
But yours should also be a privilege
Connecting you with what has gone before
Encouraging you to explore new trends
Fostering your developing mind and self

Education should be lifelong
Yours should not stop when formal school days end
Seek to grow and refuse to stagnate
Continue reading, questioning, researching
And engaging with the world around you

And now some references you might find of interest

Public Schools Rising

American Ed. History Timeline 

Education Under Slavery

Read of Mathematician Sophie Germain's dedication to learning despite early discouragement from parents! 

Note AAUW's first study: Higher Ed. did NOT damage women's health

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  1. Great blog and cleaver poem. You blogs are hidden and not readily available to most. Hope you can get more exposeure. When are you going to write that book?

    1. Hi there, cmsue! Great having you stop by - and comment! So glad you like the blog - and this poem!

      I certainly would love to have my blog get more exposure. Not sure what else I can do, though.

      About my poetry book... I have almost enough poems. Do want a few more to ensure I have enough after final cut. Targeting to have 52 - 61 in finished volume!


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