Sunday, November 13, 2016


Ah, greetings again.  Here's a new poem - first one I've written in a bit.  It was inspired by the first cartoon in a post at The Intercept (not the one accompanying the title, but the first one after the text in the article itself;  it's by Shannon Wright).  View them all at the link below:

10 Cartoonists React to Trump Winning the Election

So, hope you will enjoy this offering: 


"To be is an aspiration 
Recognition as part of creation
Potential released instead of inhibited
Intrinsic humanity exhibited
Body, soul, mind and spirit all facets
Of a life which seeks to keep in balance
Simply desiring a thriving entity
Forming existence into an identity

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  1. 'facets' and 'balance' don't rhyme.

  2. Hi Unknown and thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, 'facets' and 'balance' don't rhyme in a strict sense, but I believe they are considered "near rhymes."

    Since they seemed to fit the poem's concept, that's what I went with.


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