Friday, March 11, 2016

Anyone There? Any Hope Out There?

Hello.  Is anyone out there?  Really.  Are there any humans actually reading this?  

It's been discouraging lately.  The political climate is so bad.  I hate having the news on now or going to news sites.  How can people go for such bigotry?  Come on, you all know what and who I'm talking about.  And I feel the dangers posed by this are real.

That along with threats to privacy, human rights and civil rights, the refugee crisis, climate crisis, GMO's and other stuff like legal system abuses, it seems there's hardly been any good news around.  I actually have a more hopeful blog post ready to go, but I just couldn't face posting it. Right after I wrote it, I just didn't feel it and still don't.  I've never been so cynical or so very concerned about our country and even the world as I am now.  I know there have been some bad times in the past, but there is just so much potential now for things to get so much worse than we can hardly imagine.

I just don't know what the upshot will be.  I've usually been an optimistic person.  but the way things are now, it's harder and harder to feel any of that.

So.  Anyone reading?  Any hope?

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