Monday, February 22, 2016

Any Eyes Focused?

Feeling a lot like this lately...

Any Eyes Focused?

Scanning for signs that signal hope,
Any beacons of awareness
Distracted eyes are everywhere
Am I the only one looking?

...   Is there any hope out there?  Really.  There is so much hate driving our politics.  It causes me GREAT concern that this mentality is percolating around; that ANYONE buys into it.  Not to mention feeling assaulted by the media's plastering of that dangerous nutjob all over the place.  Just checking the news or watching a news program is now a miserable task in many respects.

That's not even all, of course.  There continue to be attacks on civil liberties, such as that wrongheaded Apple-should-help-the FBI ruling.  And everyone still buys the next gadget or app that increases spying on us. Wealth inquality is still increasing. We still have to fight to even have something as simple as GMO labeling. There's still fighting around.  I keep asking, will it ever END?

By nature I'm an optimistic person, but the way things are going, I'm finding less and less to be optimistic about.  And it seems that everyone is ---- sleeping, apathetic, or worse.  So I ask again.  Is there any hope out there?


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