Monday, December 28, 2015

Is This Justice?

I'm shaking my head in dismay over the FAILURE of that Cleveland grand jury to indict the officers in the death of Tamir Rice.  If you haven't heard or read reports, here's the one from The Guardian.

That prosecutor, McGinty, should be totally ashamed of the way he handled the case.  Of course, he probably is immune to that feeling.  And the grand jury? Really, people, what does it take to hold cops accountable?  

NPR News has a follow-up article with reactions.  I could barely get through McGinty's.  Check out the article's quote from Aviva Shen of Think Progress. And Radley Balko of the Washington Post had some good comments - a snippet: "We shouldn't be asking if the police actions were legal or within department policy; we should be asking if they were necessary. Or if you'd like to use a word with a bit more urgency behind it, we should ask if they're acceptable."

Then there's the shooting of Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier in Chicago.  The cops couldn't hold back even a bit while Bettie was "in the way"?  And why was their first option shooting - when LeGrier wasn't carrying a gun?

We had all better wake up and start demanding accountability, demand better policing, and work to address the problems in our justice system at the very least.  Just remember ---- what affects "the others" today may affect you tomorrow.

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