Sunday, December 7, 2014

Protest Poem

I came across a site and one of the prompts it had was to list ways a person could protest an injustice (feel free to list some ways in comments :-)  ).  In pondering that, I thought of protest songs.  I don't have a formal melody for this, but I just might try singing it - even if just for my cat to hear!  But for right now, it's a "protest poem."  - at least I hope it's in the protest tradition. Here goes:

What Matters

All our lives matter
Yes, every one
Brothers and Sisters
Under the Sun

We must use lenses
That do not distort
To better envision
Collective support

Let’s stand for justice
And help to repair
A system that’s broken
To make it more fair

For all our lives matter
Yes, every one
And working together
Our task’s just begun

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