Friday, May 2, 2014

Wrong Again!

Learning today of the Supreme Court declining to hear Hedges v. Obama - you know, the lawsuit challenging the "indefinite detention" provision of the NDAA really made me shake my head in dismay.

For background, here's a story from the Long Island Press (Be sure to read Tangerine? Jennifer? Bolen's facebook post in its entirety), and another from Truth Dig (where you can find articles by Chris Hedges).

I find that the plaintiffs are quite brave to have engaged in this challenge.  The entire idea of indefinite detention is scary.  It's not a stretch to imagine folks being picked up, held without an attorney or legal redress, for who know how long.  It's not a stretch to imagine this could be used against dissenters.  And get this - check out what is says on SCOTUS Blog  So if your not harmed, you don't have standing - but in this case, if you ARE harmed, how can you get any legal redress?  Terrible reasoning, I feel, by the Appeals Court and an equally terrible decision by the Supreme Court not to review this.

Wake up, folks!

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