Monday, January 27, 2014

The real sentiments of the 1%?

Well, what have we here? I have heard of the letter by venture capitalist Tom Perkins just published in the Wall Street Journal.  What an outrageous read.  Here's a story about it.  Oh dear; does he really think all his riches are in jeopardy?  I'm guessing they are not.

Don't let him/them get away with this!  If there is a class war - it's the 1% waging war against the rest of us.  If you do any reading on the subject of income inequality, I think you'll find it's clear that the 1 %ers  have used every advantage they have to influence things to go their way.  I hope everyone remembers the outrage over "Citizens United"; let's see if efforts to amend the Constitution to address this will ever come to fruition.  That's just the tip of things, however.  If one looks around, it's pretty easy to see tricks, ploys, and yes, policies leading to economic disempowerment of so many.

He vents against those in San Francisco protesting the Google buses.  Well, I don't begrudge them being frustrated at seeing such a blatant symbol of elite privilege as they're priced out of their own neighborhoods.  And he vents against the Occupy Movement.  Really?  A very peaceful movement with good ideas percolating that was all but squashed by "the powers that be." 

Certainly, I don't believe in violence, but I do feel that we 99%ers MUST find ways to unite and work toward some common goals leading toward more empowerment.  We've let ourselves be divided for too long.  It's time to join hands and look for ways to work together, move forward together, challenge the system and make real progress for everyone. 

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