Friday, February 3, 2012

Poverty Again

Maybe Mitt Romney's remark about the poor will have some good reults. If it keeps the issue before the public (which we know has a limited attention span), it might help keep the discussion and action going.

However, George Clooney in his recent "Inside the Actor's Studio" appearnce said something I found to be a bit daunting. CLooney has been active in keeping the public aware of problems in Darfur and Haiti and trying to help the people affected. He said that shining a light on the problem doesn't make it go away. That really gives us quite a challenge. Shining a light, spreading the word on issues such a proverty or the situations in Darfut or Haiti is necessary, of course, but it just can't stop there. We, the people, the decision makers, and leaders, too, must act in order to solve these problems. So we must do something to help alleviate suffering, help those struggling, and generate better policies to create better situations in the future. I know it's tough; we all work so much, have families and other responsibilities. But I hope that we can do something. Collectively, even small actions can help. Now if I can get it together and do something... It's a challenge for me as well as for others (although I'm amazed at what some others do to help things). But I definitely should do something. I hope we all will.

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