Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Poem

Reading reports of the crackdown on Occupy Wall St. in NYC and hearing of problems in other places is just unsettling. How can we defend peaceful protests overseas and treat protesters here at home so badly?

To do something, I ended up writing this poem. I was going to post it to the OWS forum but you have to register and give your location and all, and I just didn't want to do all that... Guess I'm not all that into a lot of this social media...

Anyway, now for the poem:

What Really is the Problem?
Dedicated to the Occupy Movement 

What really is the problem?
What is it on my sign you find so offensive?
Why do you want to silence my message?
Why do you want to meet my peace with your violence?
After all, I really am only one of you
As were the abolitionists
As were the suffragists
As were the civil rights workers
Were not their causes just?
And yet how ill treated were they?
Haven’t we learned?
What really is the problem?
I’m only looking for my voice to be heard
I’m only looking for simple respect
I’m only looking for a better tomorrow
Don’t block its dawning
Don’t keep me from its warmth
Let me embrace its freedom without constraint
Put away the tear gas and take up the peace pipe of the Native American Tradition
Let the conversation start.


  1. Very nice poem! Enjoyed going back though your posts to catch up.

  2. Hi There! Thanks so much for reading and responding. I'm glad you liked the poem. I actually did submit it to OWS - they have an online poetry anthology so I was able to submit it to that.


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