Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Just Sick

There are so many stories recently that are just terrible, but this one is particularly so. Go here to read of a suicidal man who drowned while a crowd watched and did --- nothing (although someone EVENTUALLY did pull him out).

What kind of society are we when no one - no one - in a crowd of 75 did anything as he walked into the bay? We read of these kind of things happening from years ago (Kitty Genovese in New York), reports of young people beating others or worse where sometimes the victim is lucky to get any aid at all. We can't keep blaming this sort of thing on "budget cuts," or keep excusing sometimes whole crowds who do nothing or worse. We've got to be more compassionate toward each other. If personal safety is an issue, someone should at least try to get somewhere safe and then try go get some help.

We also need to teach people, especially our young people, compassion. We need to show as a society that we really value this quality.

Thank God, there ARE good people out there. We do hear reports of Good Samaritans and bless them for sure, hoping and praying for more of them. We also sadly wish that someone had been much more pro-active for the victim who drowned in the bay.

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