Friday, December 9, 2005

My Birthday Present

My birthday is tomorrow - 12/10! That means I want presents, lots of them! And you can make sure I get them. I'm not talking diamonds and champagne (although if someone would like to buy me a new PT Cruiser, I probably wouldn't refuse that!), but something else. You see, tomorrow is also Human Rights Day. I would like EACH of you to commit (and follow through!) to doing something for Human/ Civil Rights. Sign a petition, write a letter to the editor about an issue, contact your Representative or Senators, march, serve, donate, or do SOMETHING to help in the cause! We can't just sit idly by and watch these rights be trampled here and around the world. Everyone needs to stand up and start making a difference. It will take all of us, so each and every person must do what he or she can.

So put pen to paper, get on the telephone, take to the streets and work on those birthday presents!

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