Monday, April 4, 2005

H. R. 27 Alert

I'm continually outraged at many recent events. On March 2, the U. S. House approved H. R. 27, the Job Training Investment Act. That sounds good, but in this latest update, certain anti-discrimination language pertaining to faith-based employers has been removed - specifically, there is would be no protection against such employers discriminating on the basis of religion. As of now, these employers must comply with all Federal anti-discrimination guidelines.

This has been opposed by People for the American Way (read their statement here ) and The Interfaith Alliance (their statement is here - scroll down their list of press releases).

Shouldn't recipients of Federal dollars consider all job candidates equally, regardless of religion or creed? Remember, our tax dollars would be funding this. As PFAW points out, the functions of worship and providing community services can easily be kept separate, so there is no real reason to have such employers be exempted from observing the guidelines others are subject to. The bill is now being considered in the Senate. It might be a good idea to let your Senators know how you feel on this issue.

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