Monday, December 19, 2016


Greetings.  It just happened so recently:  I saw something I either hadn't noticed or seen before.  By now most of you must have heard of the animated movie Sing! or maybe have even seen it.  I really didn't pay much attention until I saw that image... A GORILLA!  And it immediately hit me as a very racist image.  So I then KNEW what my next blog post would be.

So while looking online for a link to let you look up the image, I found this post, and it's even worse than I thought.  The whole story line about this character is racially insensitive.  I'm dumbstruck.  What year is this?  Why do we have to continually contend with this stuff?  It's not even the first time I've written about such racist images here - check out the related posts if you haven't already.

All people of Goodwill need to stand up against this. We need to be aware of such things and speak out against them ---- and NOT patronize the brand or the offering.

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